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Rabbit Rescued from Air Intake Vent in Wakefield, MA

Kerry Quintilliani caught a glimpse of a white, lop-eared rabbit outside her office in a business complex in Wakefield, MA. She’d seen wild rabbits there before, but this one stuck out as a domesticated bunny. She called her sister to help try to capture the abandoned pet, but to no avail. So she left some food out and decided to call the House Rabbit Network and try again the next day.

Unfortunately, the white rabbit was nowhere to be found. But Quintilliani and volunteers from the House Rabbit Network did discover the white rabbit’s buddy, a brown domestic rabbit, who was trapped in an air vent. According to Quintilliani, “There was no way into this space except for a 3-inch gap the bunny had fallen through. The bunny responded to food and water passed into the space [by volunteers] and seemed to be healthy so a plan was made to find someone who could open up the grates so he could be rescued.”

That someone was Joe Voto, who spent 5 hours sawing through the vent to make a hole large enough for a person to get in and bring the rabbit to safety.

The rabbit, named Joey after Voto’s son, will be neutered and available for adoption from the House Rabbit Network soon.

Good job to the good samaritans and and the volunteers of the House Rabbit Network for sparing one rabbit’s life!

For more info: http://www.wickedlocal.com/wakefield/news/x2043504462/Volunteers-hop-to-it-in-rabbit-rescue-effort
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