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Mass Rabbit Rescue in Ontario

Rabbits from Manitoulin Island mass rescue

Three rabbits from the Manitoulin Island mass rescue. Photo: Henry Stancu/Toronto Star

Over 200 rabbits were rescued from a home on Manitoulin Island, an island in Lake Huron in the province of Ontario. The Ontario SPCA, Rabbit Rescue, and other animal organizations rushed in to provide medical attention and find new homes for the bunnies.

The mass rescue is an enormous undertaking, and there are several ways you can help these organizations help the rabbits:

  • Donate financially¬† – Costs from medical attention, food, housing, and other supplies quickly add up.

If you live in Ontario,

  • Volunteer to foster- Finding temporary homes for this many rabbits can be challenging.
  • Donate supplies – Donations of carriers, x-pens, neat idea cubes, food and other supplies are appreciated.
  • Adopt – Consider adoption if you can provide a forever home for any of these rabbits.

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Second Chance for Dumped Bunnies

Rose Ann Goins with two rescued rabbits

Rose Ann Goins with two of the twenty rescued rabbits. Photo Nancy Rokos, Burlington County Times.

A good Samaritan rescued 20 rabbits who were dumped in a storm drain in the town of Cinnaminson, New Jersey this past weekend. A neighbor had called Rose Ann Goins, an animal lover who’d previously had a pet rabbit for 10 years, saying that hawks were circling around a congregation of bunnies nearby. Goins took the rabbits into her home and contacted the Animal Welfare Association, a no-kill shelter who will care for the bunnies until they can be adopted out.

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