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Nabaztag Rabbits

I actually saw an ad for one of these WiFi Nabaztag Rabbits on this site and had no idea what they were. After some investigation, I found out they’ve actually been around for a few years. Basically their purpose is to connect to your wireless network, and read you the news out loud, notify you when you have new emails, read messages you receive, tell you the weather, obey spoken commands, dance, and play songs. They are essentially little Internet beacons – and they work even when the computer is off and are able to speak 16 different languages.

It’s kind of neat, but I don’t know if I want to add “Talking to a technological object” to the list of things I do everyday. I already spend the majority of my day talking to real, live rabbits. That said, it might be useful if you were trying to learn a new language or something. You could just make it talk to you in that language all day.