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Lab Animals in the UK Need Your Help

The British government is considering replacing current lab animal regulations with a new EU directive that offers less protection.  Adopting the EU law could result in reduced inspections in labs, less oversight by ethical committees, inhumane methods of killing,  and an increase in suffering by lab animals in the UK.

Every year approximately 10,138 rabbits are used in experiments in the UK.  These animals need your help.  If 10,000 people raise their voices by September 5th and urge the British government to say no to the EU law,  this could prevent a huge step back in animal welfare in the UK.  If you live in the UK, you can say no to the consultation by clicking here.

To learn more about the campaign, visit Give Animals a Voice.

Petition to legalize Myxomatosis vaccine in Australia

NelsonMelanie Lapich, from New South Wales, Australia, recently lost her two pet bunnies to Myxomatosis. When the vet had initially diagnosed the rabbits, Melanie did her best to treat their symptoms. But soon, the lumps on the skin, swollen, oozing eyelids, labored breathing, and lack of appetite became too severe, and the rabbits had to be put to sleep.

So Melanie is on a quest to legalize the vaccine for Myxomatosis in Australia. Currently, the vaccine is in use in the UK. (See My House Rabbit Myxomatosis vaccination article here.) Since Australia has a major ecological issue with wild European rabbits destroying native plantlife and crowding out native wildlife, the Australian government has so far refused to legalize the vaccine for domestic rabbits in fear that resistance to the disease may eventually spread to wild rabbit populations.

But for pet owners like Melanie, it means there is little hope for prevention of this incurable disease for their pets. If you would like to sign the petition to legalize the vaccine, go here: www.gopetition.com.au/petitions/make-myxomatosis-vaccine-legal.html

For more information: www.myxomatosis-vaccine.com