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Featured Bunny Product: Precision Pet Puppy Pen

housing2When you have a house rabbit (or two or three…), a puppy pen is invaluable. Although most people envision rabbits living in a cage or outdoor hutch, we always recommend people use a puppy pen to house their bunny instead.

With a puppy pen, you can set up your bunny’s primary living area in a corner of a room. Your rabbit will have more room to explore than if you use a cage. Your setup can include a litter box, food & water bowls, a hay feeder, and a cardboard castle. You can open the door to the puppy pen to let your rabbit out to explore or to go inside to clean it.

Bunny area with litter box, food dishes, and hay feeder

An example of a rabbit area setup.  A cardboard castle and other chew toys complete the area. You can enclose the entire corner with a puppy pen. In the future, if you would like your rabbit to have free reign, you can gradually extend the space by moving the puppy pen panels out.

The great thing about puppy pens is the flexibility they provide. You can arrange the panels of the pen into the optimal size and shape to fit the area. You can also gradually expand your rabbit’s space once he/she gets accustomed to using the litter box, so that eventually your rabbit has free reign of a bunny proofed room.

And if your bunny does have free reign, you can still use the puppy pen to block off areas of the room that you want to protect. Or you could use the puppy pen as a makeshift outdoor run (while you supervise- rabbits can dig underneath and tunnel out).

puppypenWe recommend the medium/large puppy pen from Precision Pet (36 inches tall).  It is very sturdy and generally tall enough (although Cosette has cleared the fence four times in the past 10 years… barely).

You can find the Precision Pet puppy pen at various pet stores or on Amazon. Buy now >