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Workout Bunnies: Rabbits Take Over Yoga Class in Vancouver

The Small Animal Rescue Society of B.C. is offering a different kind of yoga class this fall. Bunny yoga introduces adoptable rescue rabbits into the serene environment while class participants stretch and strengthen. The rabbits are supervised by SARS volunteers to ensure their safety. The event helps bring awareness about rabbits being suitable house pets for city dwellers. Learn more at Vancity Buzz and the SARS Facebook page.

Stretch it out, Coco!

Stretch it out, Coco!

For people who could use a little “cute” in their lives, the event sounds like it would hit the spot. I can say from personal experience working out with house rabbits, it certainly adds excitement to the mix. Coco and Cosette enjoy being active participants in my workout, engaging in the following activities:

  • Chewing the corner of my mat while I’m in the middle of a set
  • Sitting under me when I’m doing push-ups or holding a plank position
  • Digging on my back while I’m trying to stretch
  • Trying to eat the pedal strap as I’m pedaling my stationary bike
Rabbit in between weights.

“Oh, you’re trying to work out? I’ll stand here.”


A Special Flight for Special Bunnies

Pilots N Paws Canada, an organization that brings together volunteer pilots and animal rescues, launched its maiden voyage on June 11. The passengers? Special needs bunnies from Small Animal Rescue in Vancouver who needed transportation to their forever homes on Vancouver Island.

The flight was a success!

From the volunteers at Small Animal Rescue:

The **Bunnies have landed**A big thank you to Chris, PNP and Gini for making this possible.
We had been trying for quite awhile trying to find a way for these guys to get to their forever homes as they have special needs….so the least amount of time spent in transport, the better for them.

Special needs rabbit

Tiny, one of the special bunnies who made it to his forever home thanks to Pilots N Paws.

Read more on the Pilots N Paws website.

Two Rabbits Rescued from Recycling Bin

Two lop-eared rabbits

Rescued rabbits with vet assistant Fiona Prentiss. Photo by Richard Crease.

Dave Bedford, an employee at a recycling bank in Bournemouth, England, was shocked after he unlocked and opened a bin meant for household electrical items.

Two grey lop-eared rabbits were staring back at him from the bottom of the bin. Bedford called his wife who rushed the flea-covered, bony rabbits to a nearby veterinary office for medical treatment.

The bunnies are now recovering and being cared for by veterinary assistant Fiona Prentiss.

For more info, see: Bournemouth Echo.

Mass Rabbit Rescue in Ontario

Rabbits from Manitoulin Island mass rescue

Three rabbits from the Manitoulin Island mass rescue. Photo: Henry Stancu/Toronto Star

Over 200 rabbits were rescued from a home on Manitoulin Island, an island in Lake Huron in the province of Ontario. The Ontario SPCA, Rabbit Rescue, and other animal organizations rushed in to provide medical attention and find new homes for the bunnies.

The mass rescue is an enormous undertaking, and there are several ways you can help these organizations help the rabbits:

  • Donate financially  – Costs from medical attention, food, housing, and other supplies quickly add up.

If you live in Ontario,

  • Volunteer to foster- Finding temporary homes for this many rabbits can be challenging.
  • Donate supplies – Donations of carriers, x-pens, neat idea cubes, food and other supplies are appreciated.
  • Adopt – Consider adoption if you can provide a forever home for any of these rabbits.

To learn more, see:


Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: North Georgia House Rabbit Society

Johna Mennone with Beethoven at the North Georgia House Rabbit Society.

Johna Mennone with Beethoven at the North Georgia House Rabbit Society. Photo by Jon-Michael Sullivan, Marietta Daily Journal.

The North Georgia House Rabbit Society provides care for 25-30 rabbits in their shelter in Marietta, GA.  In addition, a network of GHRS volunteers provide foster homes for up to 150 more rabbits.  And these numbers increase every year after Easter, when people realize they aren’t prepared for the 10+ year commitment rabbit ownership can be.

An article in the Marietta Daily Journal describes how one North Georgia House Rabbit Society volunteer was introduced to rabbits and rabbit rescue:

“It was two years ago when Johna Mennone of Kennesaw kept seeing a grayish-brown rabbit in her yard. One day, when she threw it some vegetables, it did something suspicious: It came hopping to her.

“That’s when Mennone suspected she wasn’t dealing with any ordinary wild rabbit. In fact, as she latter learned, the bunny was domesticated and one of too many that rabbit advocates like the east Cobb-based Georgia House Rabbit Society say are abandoned around Easter.”

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Rabbits good pets but not best gifts

Canadian Rabbit Rescue Wins $10,000

Adoptable rabbit at Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Anastasia, one of several rabbits under the care of Rabbit Rescue, Inc. who is up for adoption.

A couple months ago, we posted about a Canadian rabbit rescue in the running for a large grant.  The results are in, and Rabbit Rescue, Inc. of Ontario won the runner up prize of $10,000 with 9,300 votes!

The funding comes at a time when the rabbit charity will need the extra support.  Year after year, Easter marks a time when people purchase bunnies for their young children without fully understanding the responsibility and commitment of owning a rabbit.  The majority of these impulse buys end up in shelters and rescues.

For more information, see:

Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Take Part in Petfinder’s Adopt the Internet Day on March 15

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet DayTo celebrate its 15th birthday, Petfinder is launching a campaign to spread the word about animal adoption on March 15, 2011. There are many ways to get the message out including:

  • Writing about pet adoption on your blog, website, Facebook page, or Twitter account
  • Adding a badge (like the one shown on the right) to your website or blog
  • Captioning a Petfinder adoptable photo on I Can Has Cheezburger

You can focus more on spreading the word about rabbit adoption in the following ways:

Canadian Rabbit Rescue in the Running to Win Online Contest

Rabbit Rescue Inc., a charity providing homes for abused/neglected rabbits in Ontario, has a chance to win a large grant.  The rescue is entered an offshoot of Wind Mobile’s Best Conversation Ever contest called the Charity Challenge.  Based on top votes, the first place charity will receive $50,000 and the five runners up will receive $10,000 each.

If you would like to help, vote for Rabbit Rescue here: http://bestconversationever.ca/charitychallenge

The contest closes March 7.

Rabbits Rescued from Texas House Fire

Phoenix, the rabbit given CPR after suffering from smoke inhalation

Phoenix receiving oxygen after suffering from smoke inhalation. Photo by Trish Johnson.

Earlier this week in Katy, TX, a house fire killed three women and left their 23 pet rabbits stranded. The flames didn’t reach the rabbits, who were caged on the back porch, but the bunnies did suffer from smoke inhalation.  Animal rescue group Special Pals took the rabbits in and treated their respiratory ailments.

According to Yvonne David, Executive Director at Special Pals, “A fireman brought me one rabbit who did not appear to be breathing. I gave him CPR, and the EMS personnel supplied him with oxygen. All of sudden he ‘came to’ and started breathing on his own. We’re calling him Phoenix.”

All the rabbits are recovering and will be up for adoption soon. You can also help by donating fresh produce to Special Pals.

For more info:
Ultimate Katy
Special Pals

Bunny in Need of Help

The House Rabbit Society of Missouri has recently taken into their care a rabbit named Easter. He was found by a man in his backyard and was seriously injured. Unfortunately Easter has needed major surgery, including the amputation of a back leg. According to the HRS of Missouri, Easter has a strong will to survive and sweet personality.

The surgery is quite expensive and the HRS of Missouri is seeking donations to help defray the cost.

You can read the whole story and donate at their website: www.hrsmostl.org.