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Luv-A-Bun Rescue Takes in 34 Rabbits

The Luv-a-Bun Rescue in Lake Worth, FL has recently taken in 34 bunnies rescued from a mobile home. The rabbits were crammed into 3 cages jammed with both living and dead rabbits.

Several of the rabbits were relative newborns and many had never been able to hop due to the cramped conditions.

The recently taken in rabbits have been spayed and neutered by local veterinarians Renata Schneider and Stefan Harsch free of charge.

Visit the Sun Sentinel for more on this rescue.

Adoptable Rabbits Web Cam

As Easter approaches, it is good to spread the message that:

1. Rabbits are not disposable, low-maintenance pets
2. With proper care, rabbits can live around 15 years
3. There are many homeless rabbits in need of forever homes, so it is better to adopt a rabbit rather than buy one.

Found Animals Foundation, Inc. has partnered with rescues in the Los Angeles area to help adopt out the overwhelming number of homeless rabbits by offering a LIVE streaming BunnyCam showing many of the adoptable rabbits in the area.

For more info:
Found Animals

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to adopt a rabbit, vist:

And if you are thinking of adopting a rabbit, visit our Rabbit Care and Rabbit Behavior sections to learn how to properly welcome the new addition to your family.

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Willis, Michigan is the largest rabbit rescue in the US, housing 550 rabbits. You can read more about the sanctuary in an earlier Rabbit Rescue Spotlight post on our bunny blog or at the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary website.

I love seeing photos of the place with all the permanent residents hopping around in their fenced-in rabbit pastures. Here is a recent photo from The Ann Arbor News. Celeste Defellici had called out “TREATS!” and all the bunnies came running.

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is in need of donations – leafy greens or a monetary contribution. If you would like to help, call 734-461-1726, or visit the website at www.rabbitsanctuary.org.

Elvis Comes to Kelowna, BC

Back in December, I posted about the feral rabbit population explosion in the Canadian city of Kelowna, British Columbia. Since then, the city has gone back and forth on how to handle the problem. After complaints about the inhumane culling of the rabbits by use of air rifles, the city changed its approach. Currently the city has turned to trapping the feral bunnies, and then putting them up for adoption.

The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS), who has been active in saving the rabbits, has sponsored many fundraising events. Their latest is a benefit concert featuring Elvis impersonator D.R. Elvis happening on Saturday, November 1.

For more information: http://www.tracs-bc.ca/bunfund.html

Bunny Town: Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary, located at an old farm in Whittaker, MI, is the largest rabbit rescue in the US. Currently, their rabbit population has reached 550, with 75 adoptable bunnies and 475 feral rabbits. The rabbits up for adoption live in pens while the feral rabbits live outdoors in two large enclosures. There, the rabbits have dug an elaborate warren, but come out to play in the snow and run around.


For more information, see kids’ news video: Bunny Town! and the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary website.