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International Rabbit Day is Coming

Every year, International Rabbit Day is held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday of September. This year, that weekend falls on September 22-23.


International Rabbit Day is a day to consider the welfare of all rabbits — to promote the proper care of pet bunnies so they can live happy and healthy lives. We’d also like to call attention to the joy and enrichment that well-cared-for rabbits can bring to the lives of their human companions.

Below are a few articles from My House Rabbit that fit the spirit of the day:


Say No to Cruel Cosmetics in Europe

No Cruel CosmeticsThe European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) has rallied up enough support to ban animal testing on cosmetics made in the EU.  In addition, a marketing ban on products sold in Europe that carry out animal testing outside of the EU is supposed to be put into place in 2013.  However, some people in the cosmetics industry are pushing to delay this deadline for possibly 10 more years.

To ensure that the marketing ban will go into effect in 2013, you can sign the petition at No Cruel Cosmetics.