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It’s Rabbit Awareness Week!

Rabbit Awareness Week logoFor all the bunny lovers in the UK, this week is a wonderful time to learn more about proper rabbit care and get free health checkups.

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) from May 23 – May 29, 2011!

Here are a few facts about pet bunnies:

  • Rabbits can be litterbox trained.
  • Rabbits need space to run and play everyday. In fact, many rabbit owners opt to let their bunnies have free reign all the time in a bunny-proofed room or entire home. They don’t actually need to be caged.
  • Rabbits’ main diet should be hay (not pellets!). Hay should be available to rabbits at all times so they can graze when they want.
  • Most rabbits don’t like being held. They prefer that you sit down with them at their level.
  • Spaying/neutering your rabbit is essential. When spayed/neutered, rabbits become less aggressive and territorial, males stop spraying, litterbox habits improve, there are no accidental babies, and cancer risk decreases significantly.

Watch an adorable video from the RSPCA of how rabbits act when they’re not stuck in a hutch all day:

To find out which places are offering free health checkups and other rabbit-related events, go to the event locator on the Rabbit Awareness Week website.

To learn more about rabbit care, see:

Rabbit Photo Contest for UK Residents

Do you live in the UK and own a pair of photogenic bunnies? If so, you should enter Rabbit Awareness Week‘s contest to find the cutest bonded pair of rabbits to be the faces of their campaign.

If you win, your bunnies will appear on all the RAW 2010 promotional pieces, and you’ll receive a prize package that includes: a professional photo shoot for your rabbits and two canvases of your favorite shots to take away with you, one year’s free Petplan insurance for both of your furry chums and a year’s free supply of Burgess Excel Rabbit food, a Molly Mansion Rabbit Hutch courtesy of Cagex and a year’s free subscription to Rabbiting On.

Enter the contest at the Rabbit Awareness Week website.

Rabbit Awareness Week 2010

Rabbit Awareness Week logoRabbit Awareness Week (RAW) commences April 26 this year in the UK. Veterinarians, rescues, and food suppliers will come together to promote good rabbit health and well-being. The focus of this year’s event is obesity in rabbits, a condition which can impede their mobility, cleanliness, digestive health, and more.

According to the RAW press release,

Participating veterinary practices will hold free rabbit check-ups during RAW to help educate and promote good general health (including vaccinations, husbandry, diet, etc) and in support, some of the largest retailers and suppliers of rabbit food will be providing valuable feeding knowledge and information, along with a great range of deals and offers to pet owners.

This year’s RAW is bigger and better than previously celebrated: In association with Burgess Pet Care, Pet Plan Insurance, Intervet, Company of Animals, RWAF, Wood Green Animal Shelters and the PDSA, rabbit welfare can be promoted on a larger scale and reach a wider audience of rabbit owners.

So if you live in the UK and own a rabbit or are thinking of adopting one, this is the perfect opportunity to learn the best way to keep your bunny happy and healthy.

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