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UPDATE: Pet Rabbits Affected by National Housing Crisis

As a follow up to my post, Pet Rabbits Affected by National Housing Crisis, here is a link to another article about the Sacramento SPCA and their influx of stray rabbits. This article includes a video that shows their facility and a lot of their available bunnies. I found the beginning of the video to be a little ominous… I think it was because of the black and white background and the choice of music. Plus, the rabbit they showed (from the shoulders up) had a really skinny neck and looked a little robotic. However, the rest of the video was very informative- it makes it very hard for people resist adopting one (or more) of these bunnies.



Pet Rabbits Affected by National Housing Crisis

rabbit.jpgMany people have fallen victim to the current housing crisis across America. Recent reports have shown that this devastation has largely affected the pet population as well.

Property inspectors and real estate brokers frequently discover animals tied up or locked in cages when they enter abandoned houses. People leave their pets behind for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they can’t afford to care for the animal or they’re moving into rental property or in with relatives where pets aren’t allowed. In turn, shelters all around the country have witnessed an increase in the number of abandoned animals needing their attention.

And while shelters and rescues generally take in a large number of rabbits, many are experiencing a bunny boom this year. At the Sacramento SPCA, they have taken in double the amount of rabbits as usual. According to Leslie Kirrene of the Sacramento SPCA, “We are getting bunnies coming in as strays and assuming they were let go by those who can no longer stay in their homes, and we are getting people who are looking for rentals who say they are having a hard time finding one where their bunnies can go with them.”

To help alleviate the overload, the Sacramento SPCA is offering rabbit adoptions at half price with free neutering/spaying until the end of September.

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