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Group of UVic Bunnies Head to Texas

About forty feral rabbits captured from the UVic campus are destined for Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas.  The rabbits were spayed and neutered over the weekend by Dr. Joseph Martinez of Little Paws Animal Clinic, who volunteered his services.

Another sixty rabbits were also captured and will be placed in local British Columbia sanctuaries.

Bunny on UVic campus
Photo credit: Downheartedrabbit on Flickr

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UVic Bunnies Update

Trap at UVic
A trap set on the UVic campus for the feral rabbit population. Photo Andrew Allen.

Martlet.ca posted an article that summarizes the situation up to date about the feral rabbit population inhabiting the UVic campus.

Basically, the pilot program to trap the rabbits, spay/neuter them, and then rehouse them was cut short due to a permitting issue with the Ministry of Environment. According to a UVic spokesman, the sanctuaries set to take in the rabbits were unwilling to go through the process to get this special permit.

So UVic cut the program short and began to cull the rabbits on May 8.

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University of Victoria Bunnies to be Sterilized, Relocated

Athletic Fields at the University of Victoria have been damaged by about 150 feral rabbits, causing a potential hazard for student athletes. As a result university officials have decided to round up the rabbits and have them sterilized and relocated.

The school hired a wildlife damage-control company to remove the rabbits to an animal sanctuary.

The plan is to create rabbit free zones around the school and reduce the rabbit population to a manageable level.

Read more at The Times Colonist.

Vet Offers Solution to Feral Rabbit Explosion at UVic

Rabbit at UVic
Photo: Bruce Stotesbury

For years the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada has experienced a major problem with feral rabbits. These rabbits, who started out as abandoned pets and then multiplied, have taken over the campus, destroying campus greenery and athletic fields.

Nick Shaw, a local veterinarian, has offered to provide vasectomies to the male rabbits at no charge to curb the population growth. Vasectomies differ from neuters because the rabbits’ testicles would stay in tact. In that way, the male rabbits would still embody normal territorial and mating behavior, but mating would not result in baby bunnies. He hopes to defray his costs by holding fundraising events.

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